About the 313FIT Optimal Living Team

313FIT’s Optimal Living is committed to creating a healthier mind, body and lifestyle. We’re here to encourage and assist you in not only reclaiming control of your life, but supporting you on your journey to success. We are motivated about your desire for a long term future of health, success & prosperity. Knowing what to do is only the beginning to regaining control of your habits and your life. Our coaching provides the missing link.

We want to extinguish the mindless, sedentary way of life our culture has fallen into. The void of disillusion and discontent that we find our everyday lives have become. It is time to put down the pizza; switch off the TV; get up from the office chair and start investing in your future!

My name is Chris Zerbe and I am the founder of 313FIT. I have a confession to make. Here goes….I am…was…a cubicle drone. I fell out of school, stumbled through a uni degree that I didn’t enjoy and landed bang, smack onto my very own patch of corporate cubicle real estate. I enjoyed my food and a decent drink most weekends to provide a temporary escape from the drudgery of my empty work week. I’ve always loved sport and naturally have a competitive drive and I admit I was lucky to have great co-workers, which made my escape over the wall a little slower than it should have been. But my mediocre life was due to my own laziness. The easy road is the most well-worn path, and I followed the masses.

I wasn’t born with superior genetics, nor was I instilled with a relentless work-ethic. I don’t have formal qualifications outside of success coaching and health & fitness (and accounting), but I know the beat of the humdrum life. I’ve lived my share of gluttony, monotony and inactivity and I’ve come out the other side and blazed a trail of enabling habits. Through fitness of mind & body and engaging with a Success Coach, I’ve fled the drudgery and it is amazing what life holds when you take the leap. Life’s opportunities present themselves week after week, they are there waiting for you. The only question that remains is, are you willing to discover them? Are you willing to choose the Dream Life that has already chosen you? Then let me help you…

What Clients Think About Us

  • image2Sharlee Murray (Organisational Development Consultant - Australian Regional Media)

    Chris is a genuinely passionate, motivating and knowledgeable trainer

         The 8 week challenge Chris introduced at work was an awesome idea. I would look forward to the workouts each week! Everyone involved loved it and it was great to get out of the office and run around in such a supportive environment (with a bit of healthy competition on the side). Chris would always go the extra mile, providing updates, feedback and helpful hints and tips. Chris is a genuinely passionate, motivating and knowledgeable trainer and provides all the encouragement you need to push yourself just that little bit harder! He is calm and approachable and has an exciting range of challenges in place to keep you going!! "
  • 3C2A2A75-F11B-4319-8A6B-7AEA254FA9FALaura Skirrow

    I can't thank you enough!

         I can not thank you enough for helping get me on the right track to kick the first 10kg.. Time to step it up now for the next 20! You decision for a career change was definitely an excellent choice! Thank you, I'm starting to feel better, loving the mirror ;)"