Coaching provides the supportive and empowering environment required for you to create transformative and sustainable change.  Identifying necessary changes and incorporating them into your life will lead to a future filled with happiness and success.

A Little About Me

My name is Chris Zerbe and I am the founder of Optimal Living. I have 33 years life experience with 8 of those in the corporate world. Having spent a substantial amount of time in the corporate world, I came to the realisation that my passion lay elsewhere. However, through those 8 years, I learned a deeper lesson. That lesson was that I needed to connect with people on a purposeful level to support their growth and help them uncover their true potential and fulfillment.

Optimal Living?

Optimal: best or most favourable; optimum.

Living: the pursuit of a lifestyle of the specified type.

At 313FIT we began our lifestyle journey through health coaching and have continued it’s pursuit through success & life coaching for a holistic solution. Health coaching remains a big part of our passion, however without complete harmony in every aspect of life, one’s ultimate health and happiness suffers. This is what Optimal Living represents. It is raising every aspect of life to meet your vision of success. To provide you with a lifestyle of health, happiness & success!

5 Steps to your Success

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  • Complete Coaching Session
  • Take action
  • Repeat

About Me

Chris Zerbe


Your Personal Coach


Five Steps to Your Transformation

Contact Me

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Coaching Session

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Take action

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Consistency is key. Repeat this process with new sessions, more actions and better results!

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Successful Stories


I’ve always believed that the most valuable sources of support, encouragement and advice in life come from those who’ve been there and walked the path, as opposed to those who seek to preach from a place of only imagination. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re considering reaching out to Chris from 313 Optimal Living to help fine tune some direction in one or many aspects of your life. Chris has been there, and overcome many of his own challenges. It’s this personal experience that has made him great at what he does.

I’ve known Chris for over a year now, and in that time his influence in many areas of my life has contributed to much success. Not only have I transformed my physical health since working with Chris, I’ve addressed the associated emotional ties, and a laundry list of personal and professional insecurities that were holding me back from reaching my true potential. He has provided me with a supportive, empowering environment which has allowed me to remove the ‘daily grind’ layers, that were disguising my true purpose. As I’ve progressed on the journey of transforming particular aspects of my life, Chris has provided me with the ongoing support needed to ensure sustainability of these improvements.

He has proven to me that is is possible for a professional to really care about their clients goals beyond the time of ‘knock off’, despite my initial skepticism. I would encourage you to dive in and give success coaching with 313 Optimal Living a go. Create a plan to move from where you are to where you want to be, with Chris by your side every step of the way! Life coaching is your opportunity to take your life from good to great; who doesn’t want that!

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