About Me


Chris Zerbe

Founder - 313FIT

My name is Chris Zerbe and I am the founder of 313FIT & Optimal Living. I have 33 years life experience with 8 of those in the corporate world. Having spent a substantial amount of time in the corporate world, I came to the realisation that my passion lay elsewhere. However, through those 8 years, I learned a deeper lesson. That lesson was that I needed to connect with people on a purposeful level to support their growth and help them uncover their true potential and fulfillment.

A few years ago I combined that passion with Health to become a Health & Lifestyle Coach. Through that work, I have helped countless people reshape their beliefs around a ‘healthy life’ and how this transformation can change their lives dramatically. These triumphs have led me here, ready and wanting to assist you to do the same. My Elite Success Coaching will provide you with the support you need for any or all areas of your life.

I’m not a coach because I think I have all the answers, I’m a coach because I know that YOU have all the answers. All you need is my support and guidance to uncover them. That’s what I love to do, it’s what I’m great at and that’s why success coaching will work for you. It’s not my successes that will aid in your journey, it’s the lessons. I too have a coach, I’m living it’s benefits and it’s power is immense. I want you to live it too!

My Life Journey

I have a confession to make. Here goes….I am…was…a cubicle drone. I fell out of school, stumbled through a University degree that, while beneficial to my development, I didn’t truly connect with. I landed bang, smack onto my very own patch of corporate cubicle real estate. I enjoyed my food and a decent drink most weekends to provide a temporary escape from the drudgery of my empty work week. I’ve always loved sport and naturally have a competitive drive to challenge and grow myself. I admit I was lucky to have great co-workers, some who are dear friends to this day. But this life of mediocrity was due to my own laziness and lack of passion and purpose. The easy road is the most well-worn path, and I followed the masses.

I wasn’t born with superior genetics nor a relentless work ethic. Only since connecting with my purpose have I discovered a relentless drive to work for my success. Along with my formal qualifications in success coaching, I have both tertiary qualifications in commerce and certificates III & IV in health & fitness. But I also understand the beat of the humdrum life. I’ve lived my share of gluttony, monotony and inactivity and I’ve come out the other side and blazed a trail of enabling and successful habits.

Through fitness of mind & body and engaging with a Success Coach, I’ve fled the drudgery and it is amazing what life holds when you take the leap. Life’s opportunities present themselves week after week, they are there waiting for you. The only question that remains is, are you willing to discover them? Are you willing to choose the Success, the Dream that has already chosen you? Then let me help you…