In the modern era it is easy to get desensitised by the overuse of hyperbole and grandiosity.  When I describe Chris and his coaching, I need use none of these metaphors and can simply say he is a young man I cannot recommend highly enough.  Like all people who are, or will become a success, it is readily apparent in their demeanours and attitude toward life, or in this case, coaching.  Chris has this attitude and this desire in spades. It rubs off in his work.

Personally and in regard to all those I have seen Chris interact with, he has the right mix of humility, intensity, and motivation which makes for an intense, varied and challenging interaction, and critically involves the key ingredient of fun.  Additionally, he has the smarts on all things metabolic/dietary and muscle related so he keeps me informed and engaged.  His newsletters I also find an interesting and motivating read, and I am the quintessential non-newsletter reader.  If you need help with motivation or fitness, which I certainly do from time to time, you would need to travel many a mile to find someone better.         

Rod H

Chris is an incredibly passionate, understanding and motivating trainer. Chris really tries to get all the background information of yourself at the beginning of your journey with what you want to achieve and what it takes to achieve your goals. Chris always put’s training into a perspective that has made me feel I can achieve what I want to achieve. He also takes everything that life brings on board. In the time I have spent with Chris so far I have achieved things that I never knew I could even do. You can certainly tell that Chris has a true passion for what he does, with the amount of time, dedication and effort he takes to care and guide his clients to reach their goals. He is a one of a kind trainer and will be forever an invaluable asset to me and my journey. I look forward to the future and training with Chris to see what else I can achieve.

Katrina M

Chris has been such a blessing to come into my life at such a stage. His confidence & belief about living your best life are skills we should all take on board. Chris is such a caring motivator & sees potential where I thought it was lost. I cannot thank him enough!

Julie J

Chris has a true enthusiasm for health and wellbeing. His positive encouragement continues to help me on my journey to a healthier lifestyle. I have been so lucky to have Chris on my side, providing support and assistance in achieving my goals. His dedication and commitment are obvious, his energy a constant source of inspiration. My long term health has benefited immeasurably from his coaching.              

Melanie S

Chris is more than just a ‘trainer’ & is passionate about teaching his clients long-term skills to achieve their health & fitness goals. He is a great motivator and gives you the confidence to believe in yourself. He has helped me to push myself outside my comfort zone both physically & personally. He truly practices what he preaches! I am the fittest I have ever been because of his coaching. Chris’ diligence, patience & persistence with his clients reaps results!

– Lisa S

The 8-week challenge Chris introduced at our work was an awesome idea. I would really look forward to the workouts & tasks each week. Everyone involved loved it and it was great to get out of “work mode” and interact in such a supportive environment (with a bit of healthy competition on the side). Chris would always go the extra mile, providing updates, feedback and helpful hints and tips. Chris is a genuinely passionate, motivating and knowledgeable coach and provides all the encouragement you need to push yourself just that little bit harder in work and in life! He is calm and approachable and has an exciting range of challenges in place to keep you going!!

– Sharlee M (HR – APN ARM)